Microchip Pet Identification

Lost pets without identification are rarely reunited with their owners. Any pet can get lost .. even yours! That’s why your pet needs to wear or have id at all times.

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We provide FREE TATTOOS to all pets that we spay or neuter. We provide FREE Rabies tags when your pets are vaccinated against Rabies.

Microchips provide a permanent unremovable means of pet identification that will not be lost or fade over time.

Microchipping has become a very popular and safe way to permanently identify your pet and you as the owner in the unfortunate case that your pet is lost. Microchipping involves placement of a small electronic chip or transponder the size and shape of a piece of rice just under the skin in the neck area. A needle is used to inject the chip. The injection is comparable to a regular vaccine injection.

If your pet becomes lost and is transported to a humane society, animal shelter or pound they will be able to scan your pet for the chip, trace it through a universal registry and contact you. The scanner is similar to a scanner found in the grocery store. ISO microchips have no geographical boundaries and are applicable throughout the world. They present the best insurance you can provide in the event your pet ever gets lost or stolen.  Microchip implants should even be considered for pets that never leave the home. These pets may accidentally get out of the house and they are particularly susceptible to disorientation when they do escape.

We advise you to use this system of identification as well as a collar and tag identification system on your pet. We also provide a complimentary tattoo for all our spays and neuters. For more information go to Dog & Cat ID and learn how microchips work. We do hope you never lose your beloved pat and have to use rely on them.