We ask that you call the Pet Center to book an appointment to meet our adoptable dogs.

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Adult Dog Adoption Fees:    $275    

Puppy Adoption Fees:    $275

Dog Adoption Turk


Turk is an 18 month old Akita Mix. He is a very sweet boy that loves to have his butt scratched. Turk is a big dog and sometimes he forgets how big he is and he has been known to knock people off their feet on more then one occasion. Usually it only happens when his is playing with his toys outside and he comes streaking by. Turk also likes to chase his tail and will spin around until he gets dizzy and falls over. We would like Turk to go to a home where he is the only pet there. When he has seen a cat he can get really focused on them and he will start to jump and bark at them. Turk is also not a huge fan of other dogs. He will growl and bark at strange dogs. The one dog that he seems to like is a little female, and he will play bow and run up and down the fence with her.  Any new dogs in Turks life will have to be introduced slowly and you will need to make sure you are watching Turks body language. He will tell you if he does not like them. If you would like to meet Turk or have questions please call the Pet Center. 780-352-7006 Option 4

Dog Adoption Stanley
Stanley is a 2yr old Pitbull Mix. He is a very gentle guy that likes to have lots of snuggles. Stanley is also playful and loves to chase he toys around the yard. He is not great at bringing them back to you, but he is just to sweet to get mad at. Stanley can be very choosy as to which dogs he will be friendly with. Like many males, he is very partial to the ladies and wants to be their friends. Because Stanley can be so picky we recommend that he only goes to a family where he is the only dog in the home. With some work we believe that Stanley will make some dog friends, but all introductions must be done slowly at Stanley’s pace. If you have any questions about Stanley or would like to book an appointment to meet him please call the Pet Center. 780-352-7006 Option 4