When your cat is being treated for any illness or disease condition, it is very important that you follow your veterinarian’s advice and instructions precisely. Take your cat for re-examination if and when requested to ensure that the treatments are working and the condition is improving. If your cat’s condition worsens unexpectedly, contact us at 780-352-7006 for advice.

During its convalescence, your cat should be in a location that is warm, dry, peaceful and quiet. There should be sufficient light for you to observe him or her. It may be necessary to provide an additional heat source such as a heating pad set on a low setting, a heat lamp or a hot water bottle. These should be used with care to avoid burns or overheating. A litter tray should be provided within easy walking distance of your cat’s bed. It is often necessary to have a litter box with low sides to make access easier for an ailing cat. You may improvise a litter box by cutting down the sides of a cardboard box, or by using a shallow baking pan and lining it with a plastic bag to contain the litter.

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