Appointment Process

If you have already registered yourself and your pets on our website you can just scroll down below to  Schedule an online appointment. We will contact you as soon as possible by phone or email. New clients are always welcomed!

Please phone the clinic at 780-352-7006 during regular office hours, 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Saturday, so our receptionists can schedule you an appointment visit at your convenience. Usually we can accommodate most regular examinations and surgeries within a few days. For major complicated cases, multiple pet households or breeders with entire litters to be examined and vaccinated, a few week’s notice would be encouraged. If you would like to email the clinic at [email protected] for a preferred and alternate appointment time, feel free to do so well ahead of time. We will contact you and confirm or re-schedule your request.

Triage of our veterinary patients

Triage is a French word and means “to sort.” In our veterinary hospital triage is the process by which the stability of patients is assessed and determined, allowing those pets that are the most unstable to receive an examination, the implementation of essential treatment and further investigations as soon as possible. Well-executed triage should allow the rapid ‘processing’ and initial assessment of multiple casualties to maximise the efficiency of the emergency medical team. Traumatic events that would indicate a need for triage include being hit by a car or attacked by another animal, allergic reactions, burns, heatstroke, gunshot injuries, and being dropped or stepped on (smaller breeds and pediatric patients). We offer triage services during the day in order to see patients the need veterinary medical attention immediately which unfortunately means that sometimes, some of the less urgent cases will wait a little longer. Please have “patience” and understanding so that we can attend to the patients as necessary.

Emergency Process

Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic Emergency Service Policy 

After hours we offer 24 hours availability to a registered veterinary professional who can help you decide if your pet needs to be seen on emergency or if they are ok to wait until our next urgent care appointment. Please call 780-352-7006 and pick the emergency option.