Pet Pictures with Santa raised lots of money and donations for the local food bank. Thank you very much to everybody that helped out and supporteded our needy cause.

The most important Community Service we perform for our district is providing food, water and shelter for stray animals by operating the Wetaskiwin Animal Shelter out of our veterinary hospital. The even greater daunting task is to then find new loving forever homes for these abandoned pets. Our team does complete behavioral assessments, veterinary health examinations, proper vaccinations, de-worming, spaying and neutering of the dogs and cats before putting them up for adoption.

We also serve our community by doing pet visitation at the local long-term care facility at the human hospital. The patients as well animals benefit from this. The visits give the seniors something to look forward to each week and the pets gain socialization. You have probably noticed that when you pet a soft, warm cat or play fetch with a dog whose tail won’t stop wagging, you relax and your heart feels a little warmer. Scientists have noticed the same thing, and they have started to explore the complex way animals affect human emotions and physiology. The resulting studies have shown that owning and handling animals significantly benefits health, and not just for the young. In fact, pets may help elderly owners live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.