Visiting the Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic: Steps to make your visit as smooth as possible

Skip Breakfast

  • Make sure your pet has skipped breakfast that morning. This ensures that they are fasted if they need anesthetic (which makes is a safer procedure).  It also lets us use treats as a reward for good behaviour (if your pet is on a strict diet or is a picky eater, we encourage you to bring your own treats for us to use).

Keep your dog on a leash

  • Your dog may be great with other pets but many cats and dogs are shy and may lash out or get very scared if your dog goes to say hello. Keeping all dogs on leashes helps minimize potential incidents.

Bring your cat in its carrier and always hold it at or above your waist

  • Make sure to have a familiar blanket in the carrier for your cat
  • Carriers that open from the top are ideal, but not required, as they make exams easier and less stressful.
  • If you don’t have a carrier we may be able to lend you one
  • Please visit our website under the Cat Healthy tab for specific tips on how get cats to and from the clinic

Use calming sprays, collars, and/or ThunderShirts

  • These products help your pet deal with stress. Use them before you start your journey to the clinic.
  • Please let us know if you would like more information on these products.

More visits to the clinic!

  • We love seeing your pet and encourage visits that are just to socialize and practise getting weighed. This helps your pet associate the clinic with more than just exam/surgery visits.