Chantelle with Dancer:
Dancer is a 4yr old cat. She is a quiet and shy girl. Dancer loves attention and to sit and snuggle with you. She would prefer to be in a home with either older more mellow cats or as the only cat in your home.


Cat Adoption Purdy

Rae-Ann and Purdy
Purdy is a 9 month old kitten. She is spayed and vaccinated. Purdy is a very shy kitten. She prefers to find a quiet place to sit and watch everyone. It will take a special person that can go slow with her to bring her out of her shell.

Sydney and Princeton:

Princeton is a 10 month old kitten. He is a very sweet boy who purr all the time and to sit and snuggle. Princeton gets along very well with the other cats but is also happy to lay around and sleep. 

Amy and Berkley:

Berkley is a 17 week old kitten. He is your typical kitten; he loves to run and play and annoy all of the other cats. Berkley gets along with the other cats but is happier around other kittens who will play with him.  

Debbie and Princess Peach:
Princess Peach is a 13 week old kitten. She is spayed and vaccinated. Peach loves to sit and cuddle with you but she does not like to be picked up. She gets along with the other kittens but does not like dogs.

Carolien, Sterling and Steel:
Sterling has been adopted already but Steel is still waiting for Santa to come
 Steel is a 17 week old kitten.  He is neutered and vaccinated. This handsome kitten is very playful and sweet. He gets along well with all the cats in our adoption room. Steel is not very comfortable with dogs.

Carolien and Harvard

Harvard is a 17 week old kitten. This little guy is exactly like his brother Berkley, playful, outgoing and very sweet.  Though Harvard is not as rambunctious as his brother, he can get himself wound up when playing.