ADOPTION FEES:   Cats:    Males = $150    Females = $175

Cat Adoption Chase

Chantelle and Chase

Chase is a 12 week old kitten. This little fluff ball is just a sweet little guy. He loves to play with the other kittens but his favorite is Twiggy. Chase has figured out how to use the cat wheel and he can get it going so fast that he ends up flying off the wheel. 


Megan and Mimi

Mimi is an 8 month old kitten. She is a shy little girl with other cats, but loves to snuggle with people. Mimi is not a huge fan of dogs, so a dog free forever home is needed.  


Cat Adoption Skye

Stephanie and Skye

Skye is a 12 week old kitten. She is your typical kitten; playful and full of energy. Skye loves to play with all the kittens and you will usually find her carrying around a toy mouse in her mouth. Her future family will have to watch her around the dryer. She is quite curious about it and has on more then one occasion jumped in. 

Cat Adoption Bumble Bee

 Sydney and Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee is a 2 year old cat. This sweet guy loves to lay around and sleep. Seeing as he is not the most active guy, his new family will have to make sure he doesn’t’ put on too much weight. Bumble Bee is great around other cats as long as they are not too rambunctious. 

Cat Adoption Marshall

Tara and Marshall

Marshall is a 12 week old kitten. Like his brothers and sisters he is full of energy and ready to play. Marshall is our little trouble maker. He loves to jump on the other cats and then run away. But like all kittens he loves to sit and have a good snuggle. 

Cat Adoption Twiggy

Natasha and Twiggy

Twiggy is a 3 year old cat. He loves to be around little kittens and he tends to dote on them like a mom. Twiggy is selective about which older cats he will be friends with. This big man has been with us for about a month now. As you can tell by his picture he is not a little guy and we have been working on his weight loss program. We would like a family who will help him continue on his weight loss journey. 

Cat Adoption Fritter

Jocelyn and Fritter

Fritter is a 10 week kitten. He is neutered and vaccinated. Fritter and his brothers were found in box by Tim Hortons. He is a typical kitten; loves to run and play with toys and other cats. Help us find this little purr machine his forever home. 

Cat Adoption Arrow

Chantelle and Arrow

Arrow is a 12 month old cat. This handsome guy came to us with a practice arrow sticking out of him. It had gone in just under the skin by his hips and was sticking out between his shoulder blades.  After some help and a little TLC from our wonder Vets and Technicians, Arrow is finally ready to be adopted. He is a very sweet and snuggly cat. Arrow would prefer to be the only cat in the home.