ADOPTION FEES:   Cats:    Males = $150    Females = $175

Cat Adoption Twiggy

Natasha and Twiggy

Twiggy is a 3 year old cat. This big handsome guy is very sweet and snuggly. He LOVES our kittens and tends to be a mom to them. Twiggy with clean and groom them. If they get too carried away playing, he will give them a gentle tap to let them know they need to calm down. From his picture you can see that Twiggy is a big cat. He is slowly losing weight and will need a family to help him continue to his weight loss of goal. 

Cat Adoption Fritter

Jocelyn and Fritter

Fritter is a 16 week old kitten. This sweet kitten is very playful and gets along with all of our other cats. Fritter’s best friend is Twiggy, they are always laying together. He loves to play with any toy that he can pick up and carry around in his mouth.   Help us find this little purr machine his forever home. 


Cat Adoption Millie

Wendy and Millie

Millie is a 19 month old Cat. This very snuggly girl will make a great addition to any family. Millie gets along well with other cats even our little kittens. She can be a bit weary of dogs, but is usually pretty good. If you would like to meet Millie please come to the Pet Center. 



Cat Adoption Catsy Cline

Barb and Catsy Cline

Catsy Cline is a 10 month old kitten. She is a sweet yet shy girl. Catsy loves to sit and snuggle and will happily hang out with you. We have not had Catsy out with many of the other cats yet, but the times she is around other cats she seems to be happy with their company. 

Cat Adoption Lincoln

Chantelle and Lincoln

Lincoln is a 3 year old cat. This big guy is a very loving boy. He will happily sit in your arms. Lincoln gets along with other cats, and he does prefer more mellow cats for friends.  

Cat Adoption Allie

Sydney and Allie

Allie is a 14 week old kitten. She is a very outgoing and playful little girl. Allie gets along very well with other cats and kittens. Her favorite thing to play with is our cat wheel. She can get it going so fast that she can throw her sister right off it. 

Cat Adoption Bubbles

Linda and Bubbles

Bubbles is a 5 year old cat. This big handsome guy is very mellow and laid back. He prefers to spend his day laying around and watching the world go by. Bubbles loves to sit and snuggle with everyone. When it comes to meeting other cats, Bubbles can be a bit particular as to who he will happily share space with. 

Cat Adoption Dragonfly

Rae-Ann and Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a 5 month old kitten. She is just a sweetheart. As soon as you pick her up her motor starts purring. Dragonfly loves to sit and soak up all the attention she can. She gets along well with other cats and loves to run around and play. 

Cat Adoption Rainbow Dash

Wendy and Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a 14 week old kitten. He is a very friendly little guy. Rainbow loves to be the center of attention and will do everything in his power to stay there. He loves to be around other cats, but can be a bit shy when meeting new cats. 

Cat Adoption Athena

Shawna and Athena

Athena is a 12 month old cat, but most of the time she acts like a little kitten. She loves to sit with you and knead your lap while you pet her. Athena is a bit more vocal, especially around dinner time or when she wants to get your attention. 

Cat Adoption Caramel

Carolien and Caramel

Caramel is a 14 week old kitten. She is a very rambunctious and playful little girl. Her favorite thing to do is chase her sister Allie on the cat wheel until one of them falls off. Caramel is great with other kittens, and even enjoys her snuggle time with Twiggy. 

Cat Adoption Artemis

Amy and Artemis

Artemis is a 5 year old cat. She is very laid back and mellow. Artemis will happily spend her days snuggled up watching the world go by. She can be choosy when it comes to her feline friends but she seems to enjoy the company of smaller dogs. Artemis will need some help with her grooming and is well behaved when it comes time for a brushing.