ADOPTION FEES:   Cats:    Males = $150    Females = $175

Cat Adoption Myst

Sydney and Myst

Myst is a 12 month old cat. This big handsome boy is quite the lover. He will happily sit and snuggle on your lap. Myst is great with other cats. Please come to the Pet Center and meet this great cat.


Cat Adoption Fergus

Tara and Fergus

Fergus is a 12 week old kitten. He is a very sweet and happy little boy. Fergus loves to have snuggle time and as soon as you pick him up his motor starts to purr. He can be a bit shy around the other cats but it does not take long for him to warm up to them and start playing. 



Jocelyn and Jade

Jade is an 18 week old kitten. He is a very busy guy. Jade loves to chase his brother and sister around the play room. When he is not annoying the others he loves to sit and watch the birds in the other room. Jade can be a bit shy when meeting new people, but he is getting better. 

Kristen and Moppet

Moppet it a 4 year old cat. This cat has very discerning tastes when it comes to people and other cats. Moppet would prefer to be in a house where she is the only cat. She would also like a home that is quiet and child free. Moppet is a very affectionate girl and loves to have snuggle time. 

Cat Adoption Butch Catsidy

Shawna and Butch Catsidy

Butch Catsidy is a 12 month old cat. This heavy weight is a very sweet boy. Butch is your typical cat. He will come and find you when he wants attention and when he doesn’t he is quite happy to hang out by himself. We have not had Butch around the other cats, so we are not sure how he behaves around others. 

Cat Adoption Allie

Sydney and Allie

Allie is a 14 week old kitten. She is a very outgoing and playful little girl. Allie gets along very well with other cats and kittens. Her favorite thing to play with is our cat wheel. She can get it going so fast that she can throw her sister right off it. 

Nadine and Emerald

Emerald is an 18 week old kitten. She is a very playful kitten who’s favorite thing to do is to eat. Her new family will definitely have to keep an eye on that. Emerald can be very shy when meeting new people but we are working on that with her. 

Shawna and Matilda

Matilda is a 19 week old kitten. She is your typical kitten. She loves to play and chase the other cats around the room. Matilda is always up for cuddle time and will happily sit and let you pet her. If you stop petting her before Matilda thinks you are done, she will make a nuisance of her self until you start again.  

Cat Adoption Katy Purry

Lynda and Katy Purry

Katy Purry is a 5 month old kitten. When Katy came to us she was very shy and would want nothing to do with us. But after a little work and a lot of snuggles she is now a very sweet and snuggly girl. We still have work to do on socializing Katy with other cats, but she is starting to enjoy the company of the other kittens. 

Cat Adoption Rainbow Dash

Wendy and Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a 14 week old kitten. He is a very friendly little guy. Rainbow loves to be the center of attention and will do everything in his power to stay there. He loves to be around other cats, but can be a bit shy when meeting new cats. 

Cat Adoption Anne

Kristen and Anne

Anne is a 5 month old kitten. Like any kitten she is very outgoing and mischievous little girl. She likes to get herself in all kinds of trouble. Anne loves to spend time with people and chasing her favorite toy around. 

Teresa and Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is a 14 month old cat. She is a quiet and laid back cat. She gets along well with the other adults in our adoption room. Pinkie Pie is a typical cat. When she wants attention she will come find you and when she doesn’t she is quite content to hang out on her own.  

Cat Adoption Catalie Portman

Jocelyn and Catalie Portman

Catalie Portman is a 2yr old Cat. She is your typical Tortoiseshell. Full of love and snuggles one minute and the next she will have nothing to do with you. Catalie would prefer to be the only cat in your home. 



Megan and Cleo-Cat-Ra

Cleo-cat-ra is a 2 year old cat. She is a very sweet cat who enjoys some good cuddles. Cleo can be choosy about what cats she likes, so being the only cat in the home would be best. She will also need help with the grooming, she loves to brushed. 

Cat Adoption Black Fire

Hilary and Black Fire

Black Fire is a 13 month old cat. When she was brought to us she had a broken leg. We have surgically fixed the break and she is healing beautifully. Black Fire is a very sweet girl who wants nothing more then to be where you are. She will happily spend her day lazing on the couch with you. Her new family will need to make sure Black Fire stays lean and does not pack on too much extra weight. She will also need joint supplements as she ages. 

Sydney and Feline Dion

Feline Dion is a 2 year old cat. This beautiful cat is a very laid back and mellow lady. She gets along with everyone and seems to be happy to meet the new cats. Feline is not much for snuggling but she does enjoy being pet. 

Cat Adoption Brad Kitt

Chantelle and Brad Kitt

Brad Kitt is a 5 month old kitten. Like most kittens he is very outgoing and personable. He has not met a person or cat he does not like. Brad is even okay with dogs as long as they keep a respectable distance from him. Please come to the Pet Center to meet him. 


Cat Adoption Johnny Cats

Carolien and Johnny Cats

Johnny Cats is a 5 month old kitten. He is a very playful and outgoing cat. Brad loves to chase his toys around and you will usually find a pile of them in his water dish. He enjoys being around people and if you do not give him all the attention that he thinks he deserves he will follow you around meowing until you pay attention to him.  Brad can be standoffish with other cats but we are working to socialize him more.