ADOPTION FEES:   Cats:    Males = $150    Females = $175

Stephanie and Copper

Copper is a 6 month old kitten. This sweet guy gets along well with the other cats in the adoption room. Copper loves to be snuggled by everyone and enjoys running on our cat wheel. He will also try to lure you into the cat room by grabbing at you pants and shoes under the door when you are looking in. 


Jocelyn and Moses

Moses is a 6 month old kitten and he is a little purr machine. He loves to play with the other cats and they like to play with him. Moses favorite toy right now is a cardboard box that we have cut little holes in. He likes to pop his paw out and smack the other cats and then hide back inside. 


 Debbie and Floof

Floof is a 9 month old kitten. She is a very shy girl, but once you start to pet her she will do whatever she can to make sure you don’t stop. Floof is not overly playful and prefers the company of older cats who like to sit around and watch the world go by.

Cat Adoption Ellanoir

Jocelyn and Ellanoir

Ellanoir is a 7 month old kitten. This little beauty is an affectionate and playful kitten. She gets along well with the other cats especially the ones that will chase the toys with her. Ellanoir also like to play on the cat wheel and she can really get it spinning fast.    

Cat Adoption Owen

 Chantelle and Owen 

Owen is a 5 month old kitten. This sweet little guy was found laying in the middle of the road with a laceration on his hind leg. The wonderful staff in the clinic took some x-rays and made sure nothing was broken.  After a few days of being pampered in their care, Owen is back to being a happy and playful kitten and ready to find his furever home.  

Caytie and Jumanji

Jumanji is a 12 month old cat. He is a very loving and sweet boy. Jumanji is a pretty laid back and happy guy. He is great with the cats and can happily spend hours playing with the other kittens. Jumanji loves to snuggle with people, he will even lie on his back like a baby and let you haul him around. 

Megan and Vera

Vera is a 12 month old cat. She is a very laid back and mellow cat. Vera has come out of her shell a bit since being in the cat room. She loves to play with the other cats. Vera also enjoys sitting on the cat tree and watching the mice and gerbils in the next room. She has finally learned that she can’t go through the window to get to them.