Thank you for trusting us to supply you and your pets with all the services, diets, treats, and products they need over their lives.  The Wetaskiwin Pet Centre carries all the essential pet products and supplies that “pet parents” require in caring for their companion pets, whether they are dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, etc. We specialize in professional pet food that has been scientifically researched, developed and field trial tested to ensure your pets stay healthier and happier throughout all stages of their lives. We carry lots of pet treats, supplements, dental products, kennels, crates, beds, leashes, collars, training tools, play toys, shampoos, grooming tools, pet apparel, etc. Our Veterinarians and Animal Health Technologists have the knowledge and expertise in nutrition and pet care to help your “best friends” live a long healthy pain free life.  For more information or help call us at 780-352-7006 or email us at

Professional Veterinary Pet Products are becoming more and more important in people’s lives. In Canada a large portion of people have one or more pets sharing their homes. From a child’s first puppy or kitten to a young man or woman riding their horse or the senior citizen living alone with a pet, pets tremendously enhance our lives. All products on this site have been selected not only for their superior quality but the animal’s safety and well-being foremost in mind. Playing, training and exercise are all fundamental to enjoying life with a four-legged friend. The products included on this site are available through our Veterinary Clinic. Simply ask our Veterinarians, Animal Health Technicians or the receptionist to order the products you have chosen and the selections will be delivered to the Veterinary Clinic, usually the next day. Please consult with our Veterinarians if you have any questions regarding any of the products featured here. Click on the following link to see the selection of all the Veterinary products we have available for you in our Online Store


Available Products: these are links to some of the most important pet foods and products we retail