Dermatology – Skin Problems

Dermatology refers to the study, treatment and diseases of the skin. The skin is actually the largest organ of the body and is vital to an animal’s survival. Skin is composed of distinct layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue) which perform many protective functions to keep your pet healthy. Skin disease is a very common and frequently observed problem in dogs and cats. Diagnosing a skin problem in your pet may simply require an examination and skin scraping by a veterinarian; however, most skin diseases or problems require additional steps to accurately obtain a diagnosis. Additional diagnostic procedures may include skin scraping, blood work, urinalysis, punch biopsies, serum allergy testing and desensitization therapy, elimination feeding trials, etc.

The cause of skin problems range from hormonal disorders to the common flea. You should book an appointment for your animal if you notice any excessive itchy behavior, loss of hair, and / or the presence of scabs or scale on the skin. Some of the more common skin ailments we see at our clinic are RingwormDemodectic mange, Sarcoptic mange, Flea Bite Allergic Dermatitis and Allergic Dermatitis.

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Bad case of gerneralized Sarcoptic Mange

Bad case of gerneralized Sarcoptic Mange

Accidental chemical burn dermatitis from pesticides or even simply shampoos do happen.