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Pet Shelter

By May 24, 2024 Uncategorized

We are the shelter for :

  • Cats & dogs in the City of Wetaskiwin
  • Dogs in the County of Wetaskiwin
  • Cats & dogs in the Town of Millet

We work for the bylaw officers in these areas and house the animals found at large.

We follow the bylaws set forth by the City, County and Town, therefore we are unable to take in animals outside of these areas.

If the cat or dog is not claimed after the holding period set out by the bylaw they will be evaluated for adoptability.  Unfortunately not all animals will make it up to adoption, the main reason being sickness/illness or aggression.

Before they are placed up for adoption we do a behavioral evaluation, health check vaccinate and spay/neuter if not already done.

We work with other local and province wide shelters to find homes for our adoptable dogs. If the dog has been in our care and isn’t getting interested adopters, we reach out to these shelters to see if they would be willing to take them on giving them a better chance of adoption.

Holding Period

Animals that come into the shelter without any identification are held for 3 business days and animals that have identification  or are purebred are held for 10 business days.

These hold times give owners a chance to claim them and pay any outstanding fees set forth by the City of Wetaskiwin, County of Wetaskiwin or Town of Millet. These fees are payable to City Hall or County office or Town of Millet depending on where your pet was found.

Release Procedure

If your pet finds their way into the shelter the first step is to come in and identify them. Our staff will then send you with some paperwork to take to either City Hall ,County Office or Town of Millet to pay the release fees associated with their stay. Once this is taken care of come on back to the shelter with the papers provided by City Hall, County Office or Town of Millet to take your pet home.

* We are the holding facility and do not make the fees or take payment for the fees.

City of Wetaskiwin—780-361-4401

County of Wetaskiwin—780-352-3321

Town of Millet—780-387-4554

Adoption Process

If you are looking to adopt we invite you to give us a call to set up a meet and greet for our dogs and cats. Our Shelter staff work with you to find a pet that fits well into your home and family dynamic.

Once you have found your new furry friend we have a holding period of 24 hours. This give you time to prepare the home for the new arrival and gives us time to do a final health exam to ensure they are healthy to go to their new home.