The dog days aren’t over: This summer was huge for kennel cough, a canine sickness

By September 13, 2019Uncategorized

I don’t think that we ever really saw those  “lazy hazy” dog days of summer this year. But with all the wet weather there as a real increased incidence of allergies and colds people and upper respiratory conditions in pets as well. Kennel cough is a contagious canine respiratory infection, and this summer we saw more instances than last year. Kennel cough in dogs is an airborne, contagious dog disease that lasts for about a week or two or three!? It can be just like the common cold in people but often is more severe and acts like whooping cough does in humans. Owners will describe it as like they’re worried their dog is hacking or choking on something. Dogs can cough so violently that it looks like they’re vomiting when they finally get that phlegm out.  Frightening as it may be to watch, kennel cough often isn’t much worse for a dog than a bad cold or flu is for humans, but severe case do need to be seen by us for proper treatment. However, there has been an increase in the number of reported cases in the province this summer which raises the level of concern amongst pet parents. For more information click on Tracheobronchitis in Dogs  
YES we do have lots of vaccines to help prevent and control kennel cough in dogs and especially puppies going to school or puppy training classes – we have those also – Dog Obedience & Agility
It is a good recommendation have your dogs vaccinated before going to off leash parks or any place where there are lots of dogs that could spread the disease. Vaccinate before it is too late! enjoy the rest of the summer. According to Humpty Dumpty it is going to be a GREAT FALL!!