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Cat Carrier

By December 5, 2018 Uncategorized

5 Cat Carrier Tips for Caregivers

Many cats dislike going to the veterinarian, and that starts with the difficulty of getting the cat into the carrier.
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Leave the cat carrier out.
You want your cat to become comfortable with her carrier, so leave the cat carrier out and make it part of your home. Hopefully, your cat will begin going into her carrier often and see the carrier as part of her space in your home.
Handle your cat appropriately.
If you need to place your cat into her carrier, it is best to carefully scoop her up with both hands and support her bottom. You want your cat to trust you when you pick her up. So, you want to handle your cat carefully and not cause her pain or fear. Many cats also have arthritis in her neck or back, so proper handling is important to avoid causing your cat pain.
Use a blanket to prevent injury.
You need to treat your cat respectfully and carefully. If you drop or shove her into the carrier, she may try to bite or scratch you out of fear. If you are desperate to get your cat into her carrier, toss a blanket over your cat, wrap her like a burrito – being careful not to pull the blanket too tight – and slide her into the carrier. It’s similar to swaddling a baby.
Line the bottom of the carrier.
Your cat prefers a soft place to sit. Try placing a blanket in the bottom of the carrier and spraying it with a feline facial pheromone, so is not as scary of an environment.
Be patient.
When you try too hard and change your behavior, your cat can get suspicious. Instead, put catnip and toys in the carrier. With patience and time, your cat should come around.