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    August 26th is National Dog Day!

    Aug 25 2016

    National Dog Day was created to celebrate all dogs; large and small, purebreds and mixed breeds, family and companion dogs as well as all the working dogs that selflessly provide services, assistance…

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    Aug 22nd is Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

    Aug 18 2016

    August 22nd is Bring your Cat to the Vet Day. It is the perfect opportunity to schedule your cat’s routine veterinary check-up and think about any health-related red flags or issues you may have…

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    August 15 is Check the Chip Day!

    Aug 11 2016

    We’ve talked about microchipping before; about what they are and the benefits of getting your pet microchipped. Microchipping is a safe and easy way to greatly increase the chances of your pet being…

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    August 7-13 is International Assistance Dog Week

    Aug 04 2016

    You’ve probably seen them around town, in the grocery store or the park; the cute puppies with the colored vests identifying them as service dogs-in-training. Or, maybe you’ve noticed people in…

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    Celebrate National Mutt Day July 31st!

    Jul 28 2016

    July 31st is National Mutt Day! This day to celebrate all the wonderful mixed-breed dogs out there was created in 2005, and is celebrated twice during the year. It was created to raise awareness for…

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    10 summer safety tips for your pets

    Jul 14 2016

    Summertime brings a plethora of fun, outdoor activities that your pets can enjoy with you. Here are 10 tips for keeping your animal companions safe and comfortable this summer, wherever your…

  • heatstroke_and_dehydration_jpg

    The Dog Days of Summer: Avoiding Heatstroke and Dehydration

    Jul 07 2016

    During the long, hot, ‘dog days of summer’, it is important to pay attention to just how hot our pets can get in extreme heat, and make sure we are aware of the signs they show if they are getting…