• Jun 10 2016

    Remembering our Beloved Pets- June 12th is World Pet Memorial Day

    This Sunday, June 12th, is World Pet Memorial Day. It is a day to remember all the pets we have had and known, and celebrate them by reflecting on all that they brought into our lives. Pets can bring…

  • Jun 02 2016

    June 5th - 11th is Pet Appreciation Week!

    Pet Appreciation Week is a week to really celebrate all the wonderful creatures in our lives that bring so much joy, fun and companionship to our days. Our pets give us unconditional love, lower blood…

  • May 18 2016

    Tips for Preventing Dog Bites

    This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week! It is a week focused on providing education around preventing dog bites. With millions of dogs in the world, there are a staggering number of people who…

  • May 05 2016

    Thumbnail for It's National Pet Week!

    It's National Pet Week!

    National Pet Week is a week dedicated to celebrating the pets that enrich our lives so greatly each day. For many people, our pets are a central part of our lives, and add so much vivacity and…

  • May 04 2016

    Help for the Animals of Fort McMurray

    All of us at the clinic, are wishing all of those people and their pets that are affected by the fire in and around Fort McMurray. …

  • Apr 28 2016

    Thumbnail for April 30th is World Veterinary Day!

    April 30th is World Veterinary Day!

    Over a hundred and fifty years ago, Dr. J. Gamgee assembled the first International Veterinary Congress. That initiative, started in 1863, has grown into the modern World Veterinary Association. The…

  • Apr 21 2016

    It's National Pet Identification Week

    It's National Pet Identification Week -- the perfect time to make sure you've taken every precaution to be reunited with your pet if he or she becomes lost. The American Society for the Prevention of…