• May 25 2017

    Thumbnail for Zoomies, FRAPs, Puppy Freak Outs!

    Zoomies, FRAPs, Puppy Freak Outs!

    Zoomies, FRAPs, Puppy Freak Outs! …

  • May 18 2017

    May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

    As spring arrives in many parts of the world, people come out of “hibernation” and begin to enjoy outdoor activities. Along with enjoying the outdoors, comes the risk of exposure to ticks and Lyme…

  • May 04 2017

    Be Kind to Animals Week – May 7-13

    For over 100 hundred years, people have come together to commemorate “Be Kind to Animals Week”. During World War I, the death of millions of horses used in fighting prompted the need for education…

  • Apr 27 2017

    Thumbnail for April 29th Marks World Veterinary Day!

    April 29th Marks World Veterinary Day!

    In April 1863, Professor John Gamgee initiated a meeting of veterinarians and professors of veterinary medicine from all over Europe. This conference attracted 103 veterinary professionals from 10…

  • Apr 20 2017

    April 26th is International Guide Dogs Day

    The History of Guide Dogs …

  • Apr 13 2017

    Thumbnail for Dog Bite Prevention Week

    Dog Bite Prevention Week

    April 9-15th marks Dog Bite Prevention Week. Millions of friendly dogs, and yet millions of people get bitten by dogs each year. Why? Dogs love attention and love being petted – most of the time –…

  • Mar 30 2017

    Identifying your Pet - Microchipping and Tagging

    Everyday cats and dogs wander away from home, or get loose. Animal shelters are tasked with finding and reuniting these pets with their owners. Only a small number of pets that arrive at shelters have…