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Surrendering Your Pet


We fully understand that sometimes, in certain circumstances and despite everyone’s best efforts, a pet cannot be kept in their present home. If you are facing the difficult decision to relinquish and re-home your pet, the Wetaskiwin Animal Shelter is committed to supporting you and your pet in this difficult journey.

Most importantly, we want you to know that your decision to surrender your pet will never be met with judgement. We know that sometimes a decision to surrender is in the best interest of the animal. By making the decision to surrender your pet to our shelter, you are making the responsible choice to ensure that your animal is well cared for both now and in the future.

We understand that sometimes there are challenges in your relationship with your pet. Thankfully, many of these problems or challenges can be addressed – and often solved – with the right interventions. Prior to making the decision to surrender, please drop in with your pet or contact us at 780-352-7006 to speak with our experienced staff members about potential solutions.

What does the surrender process look like?

We know that surrendering a pet is a heartbreaking decision, and one that is not taken lightly. Our caring animal admissions staff will support you and your pet throughout the surrender by explaining the process, collecting vital information for future adopters and respecting your right to confidentiality. During the surrender process we will ask you for some personal information about you and your pet, including identification, but this information is never passed on to future adopters or used for any purpose other than the legal requirements related to animal surrender.

What happens to my pet after surrender?

By surrendering your pet to our shelter, you will ensure that your pet is provided with the highest quality of care throughout their adoption journey. Our veterinary clinic provides health exams and medical treatment to every animal that arrives. While in our shelter, all animals are cared for by our compassionate animal care team and receive environmental enrichment and support from our behaviour team to address any behaviour concerns they may exhibit. When the pet is ready for adoption, potential adoptees will be carefully screened to ensure the best possible match with the new family.

Surrender Fees

Our surrender fee’s are listed below.  These fee’s are in place to cover some of the cost for rehabilitation, re-homing, training, housebreaking, manners, leash work, feeding, and/or potential additional veterinary bills.

Dogs = $135.00    Cats over 4 months = $100.00   Kittens under 4 months = $45.00

  • The cost associated with supporting your pet while at shelter varies; this cost is dependent on the length of stay ($15/day), daily care ($50), whatever veterinary treatments (up to $200), dental ($300), training ($150.00), health and behaviour exams ($50 each), vaccines ($60) and or spaying/neutering ($150) that are required.
  • Donations of left over food, crates, pet carriers and other supplies are also greatly appreciated.

Surrenders are dependant on shelter capacity. We are unfortunately usually at full capacity and unable to take surrenders. Please call to inquire first.