Our Veterinary Healthcare Team



  • Dr Fiona Kilpatrick

    Dr. Fiona Kilpatrick

    Veterinarian, DVM

    Dr. Fiona grew up in Montreal.  As a child, she looked after the neighbourhood pets when…
  • ???????????????????????????????

    Dr. Hilary A Scholten

    Veterinarian, DVM

    Hilary graduated from veterinary medicine at WCVM in Saskatoon in 2013. She has always…
  • John  Pets

    Dr. John A Scholten

    Veterinarian, DVM BSc MBA

    Dr. John grew up on a small dairy farm in the Ottawa valley and after graduating from OVC…
  • Dr. Kim and pet

    Dr. Kimberly K Kerr

    Veterinarian , B.Sc., DVM

    Dr. Kim graduated from the University of Guelph in 1998 with a B.Sc. in Biological Science…
  • Natasha and Roo

    Dr. Natasha Borowski

    Veterinarian , DVM

    Dr. Natasha grew up around Stony Plain, Alberta. She attended the University of Alberta in…
  • Dr Stephanie

    Dr. Stephanie L Bodnarchuk

    Veterinarian, DVM

    Dr. Stephanie Bodnarchuk graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2010. After…
  • Tara L Zachar and Lloyd

    Dr. Tara L Zachar

    Veterinarian, DVM

    Dr. Tara grew up in a small town in southern Alberta.  She spent many evenings, weekends…
  • Theresa Knox

    Dr. Theresa I Knox

    Veterinarian, DVM

    Dr. Theresa grew up on a small dairy farm in Huron County, Ontario. Growing up she took…

    Animal Health Technologists

  • Amy Dillen New Photo July 12-13

    Ms. Amy Dillen

    Animal Health Technologist, RVT

    Amy graduated from Olds College's Veterinary Medical Receptionist program in 2005. She is…
  • Carolien cat

    Ms. Carolien Schuur

    Animal Health Technologist, RVT

    Carolien was born in Holland and moved to Canada along with her family, the dog, and their…
  • Erin and Pets

    Ms. Erin Redekop

    Animal Health Technologist, RVT

    Erin Redekop grew up on an acreage near a small town called Czar, AB. As soon as she was…
  • Kristen and Kevin

    Mrs. Kristen Reich

    RVT, Animal Health Technologist

    As soon as she could talk she had plans to be an “animal nurse.” Kristen grew up as an…
  • Rosie team

    Mrs. Rosanne Bartoshyk

    Animal Health Technologist, RVT

    Rosanne grew up in the small town of Fort Macleod; located in Southern Alberta. Rosie's…
  • use

    Mrs. Shawna Shantz

    Animal Health Technologist, RVT

    Shawna graduated from Olds College in 2002. She grew up raising Percherons and competing…
  • Teresa Robbins

    Mrs. Teresa Robins

    Animal Health Technologist, RVT

    Teresa grew up in St. Albert, she slowly migrated to pigeon lake and now resides in Leduc.…
  • WendyF

    Mrs. Wendy Franke

    Animal Health Technologist, RVT

    Wendy Franke graduated as an Animal Health Technologist from NAIT in 2000 and received a…

    Veterinary Medial Receptionists & Assistants

  • Cathy and Apple Jacks

    Ms. Cathy Hryhoryshen

    Pet Centre Manager, Animal Health Technologist

    Cathy graduated from the Fairview College AHT program where she also did the Equine…
  • Chantelle Website

    Ms. Chantelle Nelson

    VMR, Veterinariary Medical Receptionist

    Chantelle graduated from the Veterinary Medical Receptionist program at Olds College in…
  • RaeannL

    Ms. Rae-ann Lindsay

    Veterinary Medical Assistant, VMA

    Rae-Ann grew up east of Camrose on her family’s dairy farm. After high school she…
  • Cat Adoption Claribelle

    Ms. Sydney Stang

    VHA, Veterinary Hospital Receptionist

    Sydney grew up in a small town near Camrose, Alberta with many ranges of pets from snakes,…

    University Students

  • Cat Adoption Margot

    Ms. Jocelyn Heggerud

    Jocelyn grew up on a dairy farm along Coal Lake near Wetaskiwin. She has been a team…
  • Cat Adoption Darcy

    Mr. Justin Hodgson

    Justin was born in Winnipeg and then moved to Wetaskiwin in 1999. He has been a team…

    Kennel Staff

  • ThomasW

    Thomas Wall

    Thomas has worked very hard with the Pet Store during grades 11 and 12 and graduated in…