Ms. Erin Redekop

Animal Health Technologist, RVT

Education: Lakeland College

Hometown: Czar

Erin Redekop grew up on an acreage near a small town called Czar, AB. As soon as she was old enough, the daily care of the family pets became her responsibility. An array of chickens, geese, horses, cows, dogs and many barn cats all took their turn making a home of the Redekop residence. When she grew up and graduated from high school she went to a dog grooming school located in Leduc. Following the completion of that program she bought a house in her home town and started an at home grooming business. 4 years later, with her business still going strong, she decided a change of atmosphere was in order and attended the Animal Health Technology course at Lakeland College in Vermilion AB. In April 2010, she graduated with distinction and has now chosen the Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic to spread her wings and develop new skills.