House Calls & Kennel Calls

With our total health management program for our dog breeders, we often go to their kennels to examin and vaccinate the breeding dogs and Puppy Veterinary Health Checkups and Certificates for litters of puppies.

House calls are ideal for scared cats and dogs that dislike kennels, car rides, clinics or vets! Most pets are much less frightened when examined in their own homes. Many animals find a visit to their local veterinarian to be a very stressful experience. If your pet finds these visits uncomfortable, or if you would like the convenience of a veterinary visit to your home, please call 780-352-7006 to arrange an appointment.

Euthanasia for your Pet at Home

We are frequently asked to perform euthanasia for a pet.  It is a blessing bestowed upon vets to be able to stop an animal’s suffering by ending their life with peace and dignity. This often emotional and difficult decision is much less stressful to both pets and owners when done in the comfort and privacy of your home. Pets are examined, sedated profoundly and when the owners are ready, an intravenous injection is given to peacefully end a pet’s life.  We also provide cremation services, including private cremation where your pet’s ashes are returned in a tasteful urn.  In addition, we can make a paw print which is a clay impression of your pet’s paw as a memento.