Dental Cleaning & Polishing

Can you imagine what your teeth would be like if you didn’t brush them for a year? Talk about bad breath! Considering your pet can’t brush his own teeth, this is kind of what he experiences. February is National Pet Dental Health Month and a great reminder that dental health is more than just teeth; your pet’s oral hygiene affects his overall health. Diseases of the mouth can often be painful and can contribute to additional problems. Having regular dental checkups and having your pet’s teeth cleaned are important to ensuring a positive quality of life.

Our veterinary team is highly trained and a great resource for helping you provide preventative dental care for your pet. Regular dental checkups are a good start to preventative care for your pet. AAHA recommends that you talk to your veterinarian about how often “regular” refers to and develop a dental plan specific to your pet, based on her unique life stage circumstances.

During one of these preventative dental exams, your AAHA-accredited veterinary team will take a thorough history, assess pain, chart any irregularities and determine an overall treatment plan for your pet. They may recommend diagnostic testing, which could include:

  • Blood work to determine your pet’s overall health status and ability to metabolize anesthesia
  • Radiographs (X-rays), especially if they determine your pet may need extractions
  • Recommendations for a dry food diet, special foods, treats, rinses and chew toys
  • Prescription for antibiotics and/or pain medications

In addition to professional dental care, pet owners should make oral home care part of their pet’s routine as a way to prevent tooth decay.

We offer a complete range of dental health care services for your pets -check ups, oral examinations, cleanings, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, dental charting, dental x-rays, extractions and oral surgery if necessary. Dental disease and its serious systemic consequences can be avoided by bringing your pet to your veterinarian for regular dental check-ups and teeth cleanings. Since dogs and cats won’t just sit still and “open wide” all procedures are done under full general anesthetics in our dental operatory room. Patients are closely monitored by our Animal Health Technologists and are on SPO2 monitoring machines. We have the Ultimate Veterinary Dental Station by Dentalaire which allows us to do ultrasonic scaling and cleaning, prophy angle polishing, high speed fiber optic drilling and cutting. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to do dentals on your pets quickly and professionally. We have the AFP digital dental imaging unit that allows us to x-ray the teeth in order to properly assess their condition and determine if they need to be extracted.

Dental Cleaning before

Dental Cleaning after

This is a case of very severe dental disease.
These poor dogs are in pain and reluctant to chew.
Please flip the lip and bring your loved ones to us for help before they get to this condition.
IF you can’t stand to kiss your pet due to it’s bad breath -we need to see it.