Bio of Derek Di Ciacca

Derek is a well known dog obedience instructor, competitor and all class obedience judge (1989 – 2008). He has been instructing at Companion Dog School in Edmonton since 1982

He has judged obedience trials in the US, throughout Canada and in December 1995 he judged the 29 th Obedience & Agility Trials at the World Trade Centre in Singapore.

Derek worked on the Canadian Kennel Club Obedience Council for two years, updating the application requirements for an obedience trial judge, the written examinations and the verbal examinations.

Derek has trained and shown several different breeds including Rough Collies, Sheltland Sheepdogs, Dalmatians, Belgian Shepherds, English Pointer, Papillon, miniature Poodle, Border Collie, Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever and is currently working a Australian Shepherd.   Holding obedience titles in Canada (CKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC). The majority of Derek‚Äôs dogs have won several Highest Scoring Dog in Trial awards (HIT).

Derek & Pyro goes HIT twice on same day

For more information on Derek or if you can’t make the drive to Wetaskiwin you can register for his Edmonton classes at Compapion Dog Obedience School

Bio of Brenda Brown

brenda dogs in grass

 Brenda has been breeding and showing Portuguese Water Dog since 1989 when they were not yet recognized with the Canadian Kennel Club. She has served as President of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada (PWDCC) and Secretary of the Alberta Portuguese Water Dog (APWDC) and is currently a Director of the Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club and agility representative. In addition to my full time day job which pays the bills, BrendaI teaches agility and puppy obedience classes for both the OC Agility Club in Edmonton and Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic in Wetaskiwin Alberta. On any given weekend she can be found with her mini-van full of dogs competing at confirmation shows, agility, rally or water trials. She attends most Canadian and US Nationals to compete and to see where the breed is going. Brenda’s philosophy is “A well-trained dog is a joy!”
For more information click here for her website Baywood Dogs