• Mar 05 2014

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    Arthritis in Dogs: Aches and Pains

    Aside from the Sochi Olympics, Winter 2014 is one for the record books. Arctic storms have wreaked havoc in many areas of the United States and Canada, making many of…

  • Feb 26 2014

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    Coke Unveils a “Cone of Shame” for People

    What the heck is going on in the Coke advertising division? After years, decades, nearly _centuries_ of feeding us middle-of-the road advertisements about cola, it went ahead and did this….

  • Feb 18 2014

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    Skiier Gus Kenworthy Finds Real Puppy Love with Sochi’s Strays

    It’s too early to tell what kind of awards Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy will take home for his slopestyle skiing, but it is clear that he’s already scored triple gold…

  • Feb 03 2014

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    Brush Up on Pet Dental Health

    Since we were kids, it’s been drilled into our heads that we need to brush our teeth and visit the dentist for regular check-ups. Like us humans, pets need proper…

  • Jan 21 2014

    Pet Poison Helpline Top 10 List of Most Poisonous Household Items that Caused FIDO Emergencies

    For many people, January is a time for reflecting on the past year and making positive changes for healthier, more fulfilling and safer lifestyles. The veterinarians and toxicology experts at…

  • Jan 04 2014

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    How Have Dogs Changed After 100 Years of “Purebreeding?”

    Because today’s first Scoop article touched only briefly on criticisms of the Obama family’s choice to get a purebred dog from a professional breeder, maybe the second one should take…

  • Nov 26 2013

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    Holiday Safety for Cats

    The holidays are meant to be a joyful time, but for many of us, they’ve turned into a stressful race to an imaginary finish line. Between parties, baking, shopping, and…

  • Nov 19 2013

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    Great News on the Canine Cancer Front

    In honor of November’s National Pet Cancer Awareness Month I would like to share some “hot off the press” wonderfully optimistic news with you. Dr. Nicola Mason from the University…

  • Sep 04 2013

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    Training Your Golden Retriever

    “Bad behavior” is the biggest reason that pets are relinquished. Sadly many dogs don’t even realize their behavior is inappropriate. According to David Haworth, DVM, PhD, and president and CEO…

  • Aug 22 2013

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    Rabies found in dog in Calgary this month

    On August 13, 2013 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency was notified by a veterinary hospital in Calgary that a young domestic dog was showing unusual nervous system symptoms (attacking people…