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    Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

    Oct 23 2014

    Every October, shelters and rescues are mired in controversy over black cats. Some shelters are criticized for offering special adoption fees for black cats during the spooky season, while others are…

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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Oct 06 2014

    By Lynn Buzhardt, DVM …

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    Aniaml Health Week

    Sep 22 2014

    Antibiotic Resistance and How it Affects Your Pet …

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    What is the "transition period" when adopting a new pet?

    Sep 11 2014

    If you’re thinking of adopting a new pet, congratulations! This is a very exciting time. If you’ve done some research, you probably have a great idea of how to prepare for and introduce your new…

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    10 tips for back-to-school

    Aug 28 2014

    It’s that time of year again – lunches to make, busses to catch, homework to do – the general pace of life approaches frantic, at least until you’re settled into the new routine. But think…

  • High_Rise_Syndrome_jpg

    Protecting your cat from high-rise syndrome

    Aug 21 2014

    It happens so often that veterinarians have actually given it a name – high-rise syndrome. This term refers to cats falling from heights of over two stories, often from the windows or balconies of…

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    August 15 is Check the Chip Day

    Aug 07 2014

    A study published in 2009 reported that pets arriving at a shelter with microchip identification are much more likely to make it home again. …