Kittens & Cats up for Adoption

Cat Adoption Room2

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Cat Adoption Mik

Chantelle and Mik

Mik is a 2year old cat. He is neutered and vaccinated.   Mik is a sweet and happy boy. He gets along with most of the cats but prefers the older more mello cats. Mik does not like dogs.
Darcy is an 18 month old cat. He is neutered and vaccinated. Darcy is a very nice boy. He gets along with the other cats and loves to sit and snuggle. Darcy is not the most active guy so you will have to watch his weight.
Cat Adoption Darcy

Justin and Darcy

Cat Adoption Luna

Sydney and Luna

 Luna is a 4 year old cat. She is spayed and vaccinated. Luna is a very sweet but typical cat. When she wants attention she will talk to you until you give it to her and she will let you know when she wants to be left alone. Luna would prefer a home where she is the only cat and also a home with no young kids because she has never been around kids. She will have to be a strictly house cat because she has been declawed.
Cat Adoption Eileen

Haley and Eileen

Cat Adoption Simone

Keary-Lee and Simone

Simone is a 12 month old cat. She is spayed and vaccinated. Simone is a little diva. If you are not paying attention to her she will talk at you until you stop what you are doing and give her some loving. Simone is a very sweet girl and will make a great addition to any family.
Optix is a 10 week old kitten. He is neutered and vaccinated. Optix is a sweet and funny little guy. He loves to play with all of the cats whether they want to play with him or not. Optix favorite thing to do when he is not chasing toys is to play on the cat wheel. He can get it going pretty fast. Optix loves to sit and snuggle on your lap while happily purring.
Cat Adoption Optix

Dr. Tara and Optix

Cat Adoption Peaches and Soloman

Hayley, Peaches and Soloman

Soloman and Peaches are 11 wk old kittens. Soloman is neutered and vaccinated and Peaches is spayed and vaccinated.  They are typical kittens, happy, playful and very cuddly. Soloman loves to play on our cat wheel while Peaches is happy to chase her toy mouse around.
Sherman and Marlon are 11 wk old kittens. They are both neutered and vaccinated. Like their siblings, they are happy, playful kittens. They also love to run and play on the cat wheel. As soon as you pick on of these kittens up they start purring like crazy.
Cat Adoption Sherman and Marlon

Chantelle, Sherman and Marlon

Cat Adoption Jager

Erin and Jager

Jager is a 8 wk old kitten. He is neutered and vaccinated. Jager was found with a wound to his mouth and we had to suture it closed. He got is name because of how those sutures make his lip curl like Mik Jager. Jager is a very happy and sweet kitten. When he is tired of playing with the other kittens he puts himself back in his kennel for a nap.


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