Kittens & Cats up for Adoption

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Cat Adoption Abe

Chantelle and Abe



Evie is an 11wk old kitten. She is spayed and vaccinated. Evie is your typical playful, rambunctious kitten. She can be a bit standoffish with other cats but will warm up to them quickly. When it comes to dogs she can be curious and is okay as long as she has a place to go and hide if she needs to. As soon as you even look at Evie she will start to purr.

Cat Adoption Evie

Jocelyn and Evie

Cat Adoption Emmett

Hayley and Emmett

 Emmett is a 9 week old kitten. He is neutered and vaccinated. Emmett is a typical kitten. He loves to run and chase toys, he gets along with other cats, though he does love to annoy them at times.
Diana is a 9 month old kitten. She is spayed and vaccinated. Diana is a very sweet girl. She loves to sit and have snuggles. Diana is very particular as to which cats she will get along with. She is great with our kittens but is standoffish with the older cats.
Cat Adoption Diana

Sydney and Diana

Cat Adoption Purdy

Rae-Ann and Purdy

Purdy is a 9 month old kitten. She is spayed and vaccinated. Purdy is a very shy kitten. She prefers to find a quiet place to sit and watch everyone. It will take a special person that can go slow with her to bring her out of her shell.
Cat Adoption Steel

Erin and Steel

Cat Adoption Jacob

Teresa and Jacob

Jacob is a 10 week old kitten. He is neutered and vaccinated.  Jacob is a typical rambunctious kitten. He gets along well with the kittens and the older cats very well. Jacob loves to chase his toys around the room and he loves to play on our cat wheel.
Cat Adoption Colada

Kristen and Colada

Cat Adoption Naomi

Sydney and Naomi

Naomi is a 12 month old cat. She is spayed and vaccainted. Naomi loves to run around and play with her toys and also the other cats. She prefers to have friends that are calmer and don’t jump all over her. Naomi is a snuggler and is happy to sit with you all day.


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